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No sleep till Pliezhausen

Sign outside Atelier Zimmermann, forged by Paul Zimmermann, with gold leaf highlight.

I've been remiss in keeping the blog updated during my trip to Germany. Over the next few days I plan to remedy that.

I arrived today (Sat.) in Stuttgart, Germany and was picked up at the airport by my host, master blacksmith Heiner Zimmermann ( Heiner took me back to his home in the town of Pliezhausen, which is located in the state of Baden-Wurttemburg in southwestern Germany.

Pliezhausen is located in the cultural area of Germany called Swabia, which has its own unique accent, cultural traditions and food culture.

Door handle at Atelier Zimmermann.

Heiner lives in a 400 year old house near the city center, which is part of a larger complex that includes the home of his mother and father, Ruth and Paul Zimmermann, and Heiner's forge. Paul is an internationally acclaimed artist-blacksmith who still works every day. Their homes are filled with decades of amazing hand-forged ironwork, from small door handles to large sculptural pieces. Posting photos of it all wouldn't do it justice. If you are in Europe and have an interest in craft, make a point of visiting the Zimmermanns.

Steps with railing and hinges by Paul Zimmermann outside Atelier Zimmermann.

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