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"bound for High Germany..."

I'm headed over to Germany for two weeks, followed by Spain for a week. I will be participating in a blacksmithing symposium hosted at the industrial forge Tobiashammer. I have been invited to participate by Heiner Zimmermann. He and I, along with 3 other artists, will each be making a sculpture to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther publishing his 95 thesis. The forge features water-driven drop hammers that we will be using to forge the sculptures. Below is a short video of the forge.

The final week I will be traveling to Bilbao and Barcelona, Spain. In Bilbao I plan to tour the works of Basque artist-blacksmith and sculptor Eduardo Chillida. In Barcelona, my eyes will be focused on Gaudi and my belly on Catalan food. I hope to update the blog and my Instagram account every few days with photos.

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